Vision Center

An exceptional vision center without outstanding service does not exist. 3D Vision Eye Care is built on the premise that every patient deserves extraordinary eye care in every dimension. We want you to know that we care! We cordially invite you to come in to visit us and get to know our friendly staff over a cup of custom coffee brewed to order just for you.

The state of the art technology and equipment we use at the 3D Vision Eye Care allows us to have the ability to not only taken your prescription into account when making your lenses, but also to factor in the measurement and angle that your glasses sit on your face. Being able to take all of these aspects into account provides you with a customized pair of glasses that provide the best vision. Every person is different, therefore, we strive to provide a custom solution that is designed and built specifically for each individual.

No vision center would be complete without a wide variety of frames and styles to compliment your new custom lenses. The 3D Vision optical center features thousands of styles to choose from. The addition of some of the top designer sunglasses combined with custom magnifiers, and stylish readers or reading glasses provides our patients multiple options for better vision. Our extremely talented opticians are very experienced with helping you find the right frame. Our optical center also has the ability to allow patients to view pictures of the glasses on your face with up to four frames being compared at the same time.

While most eye doctors you see will be able to give you a prescription for eye glasses, not all of them are willing or able to take the time to explain to you why you need them or about the health of your eyes. Drs. Drake are firm believers that the more informed you are about your eyes the better care you will take of them. 3D Vision is based on compassionate eye care starting with the moment you walk in the door, throughout your eye examination, your selection of eye wear, and will continue throughout the years. We are always happy to answer any questions and explain everything you want to know to you. Hate getting a lot of information at the doctor’s office only to get home and forget it? 3D Vision will email you informational videos after your exam so that you can review them on your own time at home.

meeting with patient for eye exam

3D Vision Eye Care believes the only way to truly have a complete vision center is to have the ability to be take care of all of your vision needs. Drs. Drake have the advanced technology needed in order to properly diagnose and treat a wide range of ocular conditions and diseases. They also do pre and post work ups for Lasik. 3D Vision has the capability to make most eyeglass lenses in house allowing for quality control and a quicker turnaround time for your glasses.

Having a specific vision insurance plan should not inhibit you from getting quality eye care. That is why 3D Vision accepts most vision insurances. We also accept most medical insurances which may cover your exam needs.

It is not just one aspect that makes 3D Vision Eye Care Broomfield’s best Vision Center, but the combination of service, technology, in house capabilities, compassionate doctors/staff, and state of the art equipment. The fact is “It’s not JUST what we know…it’s that YOU Know We Care.”

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